Saturday, April 30, 2011

This New Era

It seems like whenever I'm experiencing something truly big in my life, I want to start up one of this here thingees. The first time around, with Europulp, my sis and I were embarking on a big European adventure, and I wanted to document it somewhat. This was also five years ago, and also on the cusp of blog culture. I wasn't really authentic in my writing there, and was mostly interested in flouting how zany! my life was. ie: regurgitating a lot of drunken escapades that in retrospect weren't very interesting, or, probably, very authentic in their telling. It can be funny to look back though. And, embarrassing.

When I noticed that I wasn't really all that comfortable with the girl portrayed in that blog anymore, I started What I Know Now, but that quickly dropped off. I considerably lost interest in blog culture, noticed that it was often about a lot of posturing and silliness as well as an epic time suck.

But really, journaling is a good, regular practice, and like LaRocca likes to say, "If you didn't document it, it didn't happen." So, here we go again, I'm embarking on a new adventure, a new chapter, the kind of thing that I've taken to calling "eras". More on that later.

This here will be a journal, rather than a "blog," and how I mean to differentiate the two, I don't really know. I suppose it will be mostly for me, and if a few of you out there want to look in now and then, that's cool. Probably, there won't be any sort of cohesiveness, and I might paste old writings in here, along with new ones, and rambling ideas that sometimes won't make any sense at all. If you're peeking in, I apologize in advance for that.

But I do need a creative outlet of some kind, and this is just more practical than pen and paper. Also, I'd like a few loved ones to be able to catch up on what I'm up to, because now that I'm going south, we won't just be able to grab a wine as easily as we once did. So here we go. This new era.

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  1. maybe i will give you the link to my super insane blog i have that i have never let anyone see ... and, for good reason. it is psycho nutso.
    anyway, i'm in. i'll read. love you.